In HONOR of Senator Bernie Sanders' 
monumental grassroots campaign for President of the United States;
In SOLIDARITY with the largest WORKING CLASS movement in the USA 
Since the mythical warrior of peace, Dr. Martin Luther King walked this Earth.
 I am overjoyed to offer my lowest ever price point!
 25$ 8x10"
15$ 5x7" 
Additional 10$ For Signature
Global shipping available 
Please allow 1-2 weeks for
 processing & shipment.

Archival quality.
Printed on 
Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta, or
Legion Juniper Fine Art Baryta 

100% of all profits will be donated directly to Senator Sanders campaign
[Estimate I'll need to retain 10-15% to recoup production cost.]
Going forward until November 4th 2020
20% all other profits will likewise be donated.
Bernie is the only candidate, that will unilaterally respond
 to the extinction level threat that is Climate Change!

Put your money where your mouth is.
Start a healthy dialogue with your neighbor or local conservative.

Not Me, US!

contact me through E-mail or IG
Simply type "Gallery#-Photo#"
 preferred  size, 
Signature preference if any, 
with desired shipping address.
Finally send money to

3-17, 5x7, signed, [Address]

If you are requesting a photo not in these galleries,
 we will figure that out together.

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